Premium wild caught seafood, Coffs Harbour

Established in 2001, Freezefresh Seafood Pty Ltd was mainly involved in processing export seafood products for the first 6 years of business. However, in 2007, Freezefresh Seafood Pty Ltd turned over a very exciting new leaf!

Trading as “It’s Wild Seafood“, the company now sells a vast array of easy-to-prepare seafoods locally! The products we process are as fresh as you can get and are transported daily straight from our local fishing trawlers (“Henry Lawson” and “Gemini Star”) to our factory. All products are processed that same day, blast frozen at -38oC and to really ensure premium quality, are vacuum-packaged to maintain freshness and increase shelf life.

Not only do we export overseas and provide for our local fisherman’s co-op and award winning restaurants, but we are now making our premium quality seafood available straight from our trawler to you!

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